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SWE @Facebook, Founder of @YekaStudio and @BeamitDelivery.

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A good code is easy to understand, a great one tells a story.

Hyperparameter tuning in Python

A dartboard with a lot of holes and four darts fixed at it with one right at the target. The dartboard represents a machine learning model and the darts are hyperparameters. The one at the target is a hyperparameter with best value that gives the highest accuracy of the model.

An Awesome Machine Learning Project With Python!

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Greg Meredith’s interview with Bihu on “Types” — July 16 2020 — English translation

Mapzen Basemap Styles — SDK, label & API key updates

Refill Transit Overlay

Evolution of a Node.js API, Zoe.js — API

ElectrumSV 1.3.8

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Shahin Katebi

Shahin Katebi

SWE @Facebook, Founder of @YekaStudio and @BeamitDelivery.

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