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SWE @Facebook, Founder of @YekaStudio and @BeamitDelivery.

We use the Internet for everything, from texting our friends to ordering groceries and watching TV shows. As technology footprint increases in our lives, it gets more important to keep ourselves secure and protect our private information from threats.

In these set of posts, I will cover different aspects of security with practical steps. You are able to protect yourself against online threats. These topics are not new. But I think, aggregation of these topics can help everyone become a pro.

It’s been two months since I got my iPad Pro and while I am waiting for my Magic Keyboard to arrive, I have prepared my iPad Pro to be my magical device I use for my everyday work as a software developer as well as an entrepreneur and manager!

If you haven’t read my previous post about how I chose iPad Pro over Surface Go, please spare 5mins to read it.

I usually use different programming languages for different projects and my plan was to prepare my iPad to fulfill almost all of my development needs on-the-go.

Of course it…

I am using Apple products for more than a decade and Apple products were mostly a better choice for me. But as a software engineer, it wasn’t that easy to get over other portable touch-enabled, light-weight computers such as Microsoft Surface Go (which it’s new version just announced).

I was looking for a light portable device to replace my MacBook Pro when travelling. Here are the main features I was looking for:

  1. I need to be able to connect to my servers using SSH anytime from anywhere. (to maintain our running websites or make some changes)
  2. It’s good to be…

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